Brightwell is a private investment company that makes global investments in the  fields of “Energy and Enviromental Technologies, E-Mobility, Emerging Technologies, Mobile Technologies and Services”. Experience in developing markets makes Brightwell an ideal partner for investors planning to do business in these kind of markets.

Due to its worldwide network consisting of financial and strategic investors, financial and public organizations, authorities and opinion leaders; Brightwell is much better positioned to consistently evaluates investment opportunities from strategic, economic, technical, and political perspectives than most individual investors

Brightwell can track business opportunities within their sector in close cooperation with other investment groups, consultants, and industrial/financial analysts. The team contains a broad spectrum of talent; some of these include corporate investment and corporate management, the creation and management of innovative enterprises, strategy development and financial engineering services.


Alphan Manas

Chairman, Brightwell Holdings BV

İş: +90 (850) 441 16 64

Zamier Ahmed

Vice Chairman, Brightwell Holdings BV

İş: +90 (850) 441 16 64

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